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                         systems. These applications involve techniques for forming and 
                         sharpening a short electrical pulse to achieve pulse compressors, 
                         frequency multipliers, phase shifters, and, in addition, radio 
                         frequency (RF) generation, holding, in this case, a great 
                         potential for replacing vacuum electron tubes with a low cost and 
                         fully solid-state technology. Based on the analysis of relevant 
                         experimental results of different types of NLTLs reported in the 
                         literature, this paper presents an investigation about the 
                         correlation between the performance limits of NLTLs and specific 
                         characteristics of the materials used in their construction, 
                         concluding that there is a pressing demand for the development of 
                         high-performance dielectric and magnetic materials with special 
                         characteristics such as highly nonlinear behavior, low losses at 
                         microwave frequencies, and thermal stability that would allow for 
                         an improvement in the performance of NLTLs, enabling their 
                         operation at higher frequencies and with better electrical-to-RF 
                         conversion efficiency. The achievement of a stable behavior over a 
                         broader operating temperature range would allow the application of 
                         NLTLs in military and aerospace devices.",
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