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             abstract = "Zinc oxide (ZnO) based gas sensors with sensitivities reaching 90% 
                         and time responses as low as two seconds foracetylene sensing (1 
                         vol%), were produced by means of plasma immersion ion implantation 
                         and deposition (PIII\&D). In the process, after the generation of 
                         an argon glow discharge, metallic zinc is vaporized, partially 
                         ionizedand implanted/deposited into/onto silicon substrates 
                         without the aid of catalysts or buffer layers. Calcination 
                         isperformed after treatment in atmospheric pressure at 500 C, for 
                         10 h, leading to the achievement of poly-crystalline ZnO 
                         nanostructures. The resistance change of the sensor was monitored 
                         by varying the respectiveworking temperature from 140 C up to 280 
                         C for three different acetylene concentrations (1, 2, 3 vol%). 
                         Besidesthe high sensitivity and the fast response time, the 
                         recovery time was also measured and the repeatability of thesensor 
                         was tested by feeding and cutting the working gas supply into the 
                         measuring system at regular timeintervals.",
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