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                         nonlinear equations, and it is responsible to provide the 
                         sustentation of the rotorcraft. The representative frequency to 
                         this dynamics are associated to different regimes: unstable, 
                         periodic, and even chaotic behavior. The system responses are 
                         investigate performing several simulations under a set of 
                         numerical values of frequency. One important subject is to 
                         evaluate the goodness of the prediction of the simulated dynamics. 
                         The dynamical analysis is performed by bred vector approach. The 
                         breeding technique executes the model with a perturbed initial 
                         condition. The difference between the reference and the perturbed 
                         dynamics is called bred vector. The procedure can be employed 
                         systematically, producing a time series of bred vector. The bred 
                         vector magnitude is applied for addressing the predictability of 
                         the model, i.e., the degree of confidence from the simulation.",
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