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             abstract = "Multi\‐walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) were covalently 
                         functionalized with 
                         (PHBV) chains, through esterification reaction. Thereunto, 
                         pristine MWCNT (P\‐MWCNT) were oxidized 
                         (MWCNT\‐COOH) and posteriorly reduced (MWCNT\‐OH). 
                         MWCNT\‐OH were used to produce MWCNT functionalized with 
                         PHBV chains (MWCNT\‐PHBV). All functionalized MWCNT were 
                         used to produce PHBV nanocomposites films with 0.5 wt% by solution 
                         casting. Functionalization was evaluated by Raman spectroscopy and 
                         thermogravimetry (TGA), and nanocomposites were characterized by 
                         X\‐Ray Diffraction and contact angle measurements. Results 
                         showed that functionalization with PHBV chains was successfully 
                         performed and that the polymer chains were attached to MWCNT 
                         surface, as expected. IG/ID ratio obtained from Raman curves was 
                         reduced from 1.34 to P\‐MWCNT to 0.90 to 
                         MWCNT\‐PHBV. TGA confirmed the presence of PHBV on MWCNT 
                         surface, showing a peak at 236C on the first derivative curve. 
                         Crystallite size of PHBV on 020 plane was 11% larger with 
                         introduction of MWCNT in nanocomposites. Contact angle was 
                         increased with the introduction and functionalization of MWCNT.",
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