author = "Echer, Ezequiel",
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             abstract = "In this work, in-situ 1-h averaged plasma and magneticfield 
                         spacecraft data are used to characterize solar wind conditions 
                         near Saturn's orbit. Further, high resolutionsolar wind 
                         interplanetary data are used to identify and to calculate 
                         interplanetary shock parameters. When only plasma or magneticfield 
                         data are available, identifieddiscontinuities were classified as 
                         possible shocks. Solar wind parameters at 10 AU decrease as 
                         expected from the inner heliosphere averages. For instance, solar 
                         winddynamic pressure is ~2% and ~40% of its value at 1 and 5 AU, 
                         respectively. Wave magnetosonic speed is similar to 5 AU, but it 
                         is only about 60% of the 1 AU value.From analysis of high 
                         resolution plasma and magneticfield data, only a small number of 
                         shocks (13) were identified, because of scarce data availability. 
                         On the otherhand, a larger number of possible shocks (60) were 
                         identified. Most of the confirmed shocks (~75%) were fast forward 
                         shocks, while ~25% were reverse shocks. Machnumbers ranged from 
                         1.2 to 3.5 (average 2.2). Shock normal angle was on average 68with 
                         oblique to perpendicular propagation to the magneticfield. From 
                         solarwind and interplanetary shock parameters analyzed in this 
                         work, and comparison with results from other works at different 
                         radial distances, it is concluded thatconditions for shock 
                         occurrence and shock strength seem to increase from 1 to 5 AU and 
                         then level off or decrease near ~10 AU, with shock strength at 10 
                         AUcomparable to shock strength at 1 AU. These results are of 
                         interest for interplanetary dynamics and for solar wind-planetary 
                         magnetosphere coupling.",
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