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             abstract = "Soil erosion is currently one of the main concerns in agriculture, 
                         water resources, soil management and natural hazards studies, 
                         mainly due to its economic, environmental and human impacts. This 
                         concern is accentuated in developing countries where the 
                         hydrological monitoring and proper soil surveys are scarce. 
                         Therefore, the use of indirect estimates of soil loss by means of 
                         empirical equations stands out. In this context, the present study 
                         proposed the assessment of the Revised Universal Soil Loss 
                         Equation (RUSLE) with the aid of Geographical Information Systems 
                         (GIS) and remote sensing for two agricultural watersheds in 
                         southern Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil. Among all RUSLE factors, LS 
                         showed the dosest patterns to the local when compared to the total 
                         annual soil loss, thus being a good indicator t of risk areas. The 
                         total annual soil loss varied from 0 to more than 100 t ha(-1) 
                         yr(-1), with the vast majority (about 65% of the total area) 
                         classified from slight to moderate rates of soil loss. The results 
                         estimated according to RUSLE indicated that over 10% of the study 
                         area presented very high to extremely high soil loss rates, thus 
                         requiring immediate soil conservation practices. The present study 
                         stands out as an important scientific and technical support for 
                         practitioners and decision-makers, being probably the first of its 
                         nature applied to extreme southern Brazil.",
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