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             abstract = "The present work analyzes cylindrical diffusion flames (Tsuji 
                         burner) under low stretch condition, considering fuel injection 
                         also from the backward region of the burner. To highlight the 
                         fundamental aspects of this flame, some assumptions are imposed, 
                         like constant thermodynamic and transport coefficients, unitary 
                         Lewis number and no radiative heat loss. It is also considered 
                         potential flow model and incompressible Navier-Stokes model. 
                         Despite the simplicity of the former model, results from both 
                         models show good agreement. Also, an asymptotic analysis 
                         describing the problem far from the burner is able to capture the 
                         most important mechanisms controlling the flame, then the flame 
                         shape is determined and the dependence of the characteristic 
                         length scales on Peclet number (based on the burner properties), 
                         free stream velocity and stoichiometry is revealed. The results 
                         show that the flame width is proportional to the mass 
                         stoichiometric coefficient and reciprocal to the Peclet number the 
                         1/4 power and free stream velocity the 3/4 power, and that the 
                         flame height is proportional to the square of the mass 
                         stoichiometric coefficient and to the square root of the ratio of 
                         Peclet number to free stream velocity. In addition, an asymptotic 
                         stability analysis reveals low-stretch flame extinction to be 
                         caused by reduction in fuel and oxidizer concentrations, which 
                         provides the range of the stoichiometric coefficient for stable 
                         regime, and at the same time the range of heat released.",
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