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             abstract = "This paper presents a two-dimensional parametric analysis of the 
                         influence of an internal slug flow on thestructural dynamic 
                         response of flexible risers. The parametric analysis allow us to 
                         study the behaviour of 
                         tension, and bending moment, when any of the parameters 
                         characterizing the slug flow is modified. 
                         finite elements and the corotational approach is used for the 
                         two-dimensional formulation of the beamelement. The beam elements 
                         have a linear elastic behaviour and they are submitted to large 
                         solve the equilibrium equations in dynamic analysis. Time domain 
                         numerical integration is performed 
                         is modelled by a periodic function. The numerical results show 
                         good coherence when compared to theexperimental ones, qualifying 
                         the computational tool to conduct parametric studies about dynamic 
                         of flexiblemarine risers with an internal slug flow.",
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