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             abstract = "This manuscript aims to study the atomization and characterization 
                         of tire pyrolysis oil (TPO); thus, Y-Jet atomizers have been 
                         designed and manufactured by using an experimental bench, which 
                         was specifcally built for such a purpose. The droplet size was 
                         measured experimentally and compared with the theoretical value 
                         obtained with the equation proposed by Wigg. The potential for 
                         production of TPO in Brazil from tires discarded for 2016 was 
                         approximately 190 million liters and in the world for the same 
                         year was 4160 million liters; these values represent an excellent 
                         alternative for the energetic use of these oils as well as a good 
                         way to valorize the by-products obtained from tire pyrolysis such 
                         as char and tire gas. The TPO can be used in combustion processes 
                         in pure form or mixed with other renewable or non-renewable fuels, 
                         so it is important to study atomization processes that guarantee 
                         an excellent quality of combustion. The spray quality generated by 
                         atomizing pure TPO and in blends (TPOdiesel) has been quantifed by 
                         droplet size measurement through the Spraytec Malvern 2007 laser 
                         difraction system, whose main properties have also been measured, 
                         such as density, viscosity and surface tension of pure liquid 
                         fuels and blends, liquid and gas fow pressure at the atomizer 
                         nozzle, and droplet size distributions generated by the atomized 
                         jet for diferent gas/liquid ratio values. The infuence of the 
                         point where liquid pressure exceeds gas pressure at the atomizer 
                         nozzle, as well as the TPO percentage efect on droplet size, is 
                         demonstrated, and a comparison of experimental droplet size with 
                         the one which had been theoretically calculated by Wiggs equation 
                         is made. The study of the atomization of TPO, pure and blends, 
                         allows to know a favorable condition for its burning and provides 
                         a suitable destination for discarded tires. For a better 
                         characterization of the spray, the atomization cone angle was also 
                         measured for all the mixtures.",
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