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             abstract = "Electrochemical supercapacitor (EC) is a kind of device able to 
                         generate and store clean energy, which makes it the object of 
                         intense research. This work proposes a double layer capacitance 
                         combination of electrochemical reduced graphene oxide (rGO) and 
                         carbon fiber (CF) in addition to pseudocapacitive behavior of 
                         polyaniline (PAni) to produce PAni/rGO/CF ternary composite with 
                         high capacitive response. rGO/CF and PAni/rGO/CF are obtained by 
                         electrochemical methodology. The morphological and structural 
                         analyses by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and 
                         Raman spectroscopy show that these nanostructured composite 
                         materials can be produced successfully. rGO/CF and PAni/rGO/CF 
                         samples are evaluated electrochemically by cyclic voltammetry 
                         (CV), electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, and charge/discharge 
                         tests. PAni/rGO/CF ternary composite presents a better performance 
                         in terms of specific capacitance and electrochemical reversibility 
                         than that of rGO/CF composite and CF electrodes. The results show 
                         that this ternary composite can be a promising electrode for 
                         applications in supercapacitors.",
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