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             abstract = "Sunscreen agents and in particular UV filters are compounds added 
                         in different cosmetic formulations, that has the function of 
                         preventing damage caused by sun exposition. Therefore, this paper 
                         proposes the development of a simple, fast and reliable 
                         electroanalytical method utilizing square wave voltammetry (SWV) 
                         to the determination of Benzophenone-3 (BZ-3), camphor 
                         4-methylbenzylidene (MBC) and 2-ethylhexyl-4-methoxycinnamate 
                         (OMC) in cosmetic samples. The electrochemical system consisted of 
                         a cell with three electrodes: work - gold electrode modified, 
                         reference - Ag/AgCl(sat) and auxiliary - platinum, using as 
                         supporting electrolyte 4.0 mL of Britton Robinson Buffer 0.04 mol 
                         L-1 (pH=4.0), 1.0 mL of methanol and 5.50x10(-4) mol L-1 of 
                         cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB). The method was validated 
                         using three commercial sunscreen samples and the results showed 
                         recovery values between 83 and 98 %. The average values found for 
                         the analysed samples were 3.49 % m/m (728 mg L-1) to BZ-3, 0.56 % 
                         m/m (113 mg L-1) to MBC and 0.99 % m/m (208 mg L-1) to OMC. The 
                         detection (DL) and quantification (QL) limits were 0.47 mg L-1 and 
                         1.56 mg L-1 to BZ-3, 0.77 mg L-1 and 2.58 mg L-1 to MBC and 0.78 
                         mg L-1 and 2.59 mg L-1 to OMC, respectively. The sunscreen 
                         protector samples were also evaluated by high-performance liquid 
                         chromatography (HPLC) demonstrating a good correlation between the 
                         results and compared the results with allowed concentration.",
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