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             abstract = "Beyond the Amazonian cities, distinct spatial units arranged in 
                         networks compose an extended urban space, usually invisible to 
                         government agencies and public polities. This article empirically 
                         reveals this space by studying the localities' characteristics and 
                         connections. In southwestern Para, Brazil, 236 communities were 
                         sampled using field expeditions. Variables related to the locality 
                         organization, history, health and education services, urban 
                         infrastructure, and land use were explored in a fuzzy cluster 
                         analysis. Local production and consumption flows were considered 
                         in the locality network analysis. The fuzzy analysis allowed 
                         identifying a hierarchy of localities for which the geographical 
                         location influences the spatial distribution patterns of five 
                         groups. On the other hand, consumption and production networks 
                         identified different locality's articulations, with persistent 
                         dependence on cities. These results characterize extensive 
                         urbanization at the local level and highlights the participation 
                         of the local populations configuring the Amazonian territory.",
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