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                         non-reacting rarefied hypersonic flow over cavities by employing 
                         the Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method. The work focuses 
                         on the effects on the aerodynamic surface quantities due to 
                         variations in the cavity length-to-depth (L/H) ratio. The results 
                         highlight the sensitivity of the heat transfer, pressure and skin 
                         friction coefficients due to changes to the cavity L/H ratio. The 
                         L/H ratio ranged from 1 to 4, which corresponds to the transition 
                         flow regime based on an overall Knudsen number Kn L . The analysis 
                         showed that the aerodynamic quantities acting on the cavity 
                         surface rely on the L/H ratio. It was found that pressure load and 
                         heating load to the cavity surfaces presented peak values along 
                         the forward face, more precisely in the vicinity of the cavity 
                         shoulder. Moreover, these loads are much higher than those found 
                         in a smooth surface, for the conditions investigated.",
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