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             abstract = "We are obliged to several persons that enabled our research stay 
                         at ZF2. We thank Bruno Takeshi, Ana Paula Rocha, and Luciano 
                         Castilho for providing logistic support as well as all volunteer 
                         researchers who helped during the fieldwork and setup of the 
                         experiment. We thank Alacimar Guedes by the quality in the service 
                         of climbing the trees. Finally, we appreciate the helpful comments 
                         provided by the reviewers of this paper whose corrections have led 
                         to an improvement of the text. We thank the anonymous reviewers 
                         for their helpful suggestions and comments on the manuscript. The 
                         AmazonFACE program provided logistical support to conduct this 
                         study. The AmazonFACE program is funded by the Inter-American 
                         Development Bank through a technical cooperation agreement with 
                         the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and 
                         Communications (Grant BR-T1284); by Brazil's Coordination for the 
                         Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) Grant 
                         23038.007722/2014-77; and by Amazonas Research Foundation (FAPEAM) 
                         Grant 2649/2014.",
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