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                         of the system is studied using Nudged Elastic Band method. Using 
                         different initial guess trajectories for NEB minimization several 
                         alternative minimal energy transition paths were found 
                         corresponding to possible scenarios of magnetic switching of the 
                         nanowire through nucleation and propagation of transverse domain 
                         walls. Dependence of energy barrier for DW nucleation on lateral 
                         sizes of the nanowire has been studied. Besides that, the effect 
                         of additional constant external bias magnetic fields (longitudinal 
                         and transverse) on nanowire switching has been explored. It has 
                         been shown that presence of rectangular shape notch on the 
                         nanowire long side leads to the appearance of local minimum on the 
                         energy profile. Thus artificially created notches can be used for 
                         DW pinning.",
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