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             abstract = "Extreme rainfall is one of the most severe weather hazards 
                         affecting all the globe, especially the tropical region. Some 
                         studies use statistical approaches for interpreting extreme events 
                         by choosing a constant threshold based on different empirical 
                         rainfall distributions. The main goal of this work is to fit 
                         different Extreme value distributions (EVDs) like the Generalized 
                         Extreme Value (GEV) and Generalized Pareto Distribution (GPD) for 
                         extreme rainfall in different time scales to understand their 
                         behaviour. The objectives of this study are: (i) analyse the 
                         extreme precipitation distribution at 1 degree daily (1DD) using 
                         rain gauges data and different well-known satellite-based 
                         retrievals like TAPEER (Tropical Amount of Precipitation with an 
                         Estimate of ERrors) over Brazil; (ii) characterize the Mesoscale 
                         Convective Systems (MCS) life cycle properties like duration and 
                         minimum temperature (among others) associated with extreme events 
                         using TOOCAN (Tracking Of Organized Convection through a 3 
                         dimensional segmentatioN) tool.",
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