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                         and ground-based radar over Brazil using SOS-CHUVA campaign 
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             abstract = "The accurate measurement of precipitation is important to 
                         understand some meteorological systems. Weather systems are 
                         complex and evolve rapidly and to measure rain, snow and other 
                         types of precipitation on the ground is challenging. However, 
                         satellite sensors can provide observations from which 
                         precipitation estimates can be generated. In this work, the level 
                         2 instantaneous swath based precipitation products generated by 
                         the Goddard Profiling algorithm GPROF2014 scheme are evaluated 
                         using standard descriptive and statistical scores against 
                         SOS-CHUVA surface radar dataset, over the southeast of Brazil. It 
                         was used the passive microwave sensors such as Special Sensor 
                         Microwave Imager/Sounder (SSMIS), Microwave Humidity Sounder 
                         (MHS), Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (ATMS), Global 
                         Microwave Imager (GMI), Advanced Scanning Microwave Radiometer 
                         (AMSR2) which are products of satellites F16, F17, F18, NOAA18, 
                         METOPA, METOPB, NPP, GPM, GCOMW, respectively. Preliminary results 
                         show that the current GPROF retrieval technique tends to 
                         overestimate the occurrence of light precipitation, leading to an 
                         overestimation of the volumetric contribution by light 
                         precipitation intensities, while it underestimates moderate to 
                         heavy precipitation.",
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