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             abstract = "Understanding how land use change can affect natural dynamics of 
                         water resources in Amazon and Brazilian Cerrado is of importance 
                         due to the constant pressure for deforestation suffered by these 
                         biomes. In this work, the dynamic vegetation model with river 
                         routing and flood dynamics INLAND-THMB (Integrated LAND Surface 
                         Model - Terrestrial Hydrology Model with Biogeochemistry) was used 
                         to simulate how land use change (LUC) can affect the water 
                         balance, river discharge and flood dynamics in the Amazon Basin 
                         and in Brazilian Cerrado. To achieve this goal, we performed 
                         simulations following the recent Global Carbon Budget Land 
                         modelling protocol (Trendy-v7) and compared the S2 (historical CO2 
                         and climate and time-invariant 1700 land use mask) and S3 
                         (historical CO2, climate and land use). Thus we can evaluate the 
                         effects of LUC keeping the information of dry and wet events 
                         during the period. To better represent the land use state in S3 
                         simulation, we compiled deforestation information from the 
                         PRODES/INPE project in the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado and 
                         produced a map with remaining natural area for each year. The 
                         evaluation was performed to each biome separately and also in some 
                         of their sub-basins. In the Amazon, we looked at the upstream 
                         Amazon Basin (Alto Solim{\~o}es), which includes an area with 
                         very low LUC, and at the Madeira, Tapaj{\'o}s and Xingu all in 
                         the arc of deforestation and in Cerrado at Tocantins Basin. 
                         Preliminary results show higher river discharge related to LUC, as 
                         expected, and also less available water, since the ET decreases 
                         when we include anthropic changes in land cover in the model. It 
                         is important to highlight that this study did not include 
                         atmospheric feedbacks in the precipitation, which can mask some of 
                         the results, since considerable amount of the Amazon precipitation 
                         is provided by recycling as shown in previous studies.",
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