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                         mimicking different evolutionary scenarios regarding the universe 
                         dynamics. Notwithstanding its initial aim of producing a similar 
                         evolution to the one expected from the dark components of the 
                         standard cosmology, a recent association with loop quantum 
                         cosmology could also provide interesting results. In this work, we 
                         reinterpret the physics behind the curvature potential of mimetic 
                         gravity description of loop quantum cosmology. Furthermore, we 
                         also test the compatibility of our formulation for a Higgs-type 
                         field, proving that the mimetic curvature potential can mimic the 
                         dynamics from a Higgs inflationary model. Additionally, we discuss 
                         possible scenarios that emerge from the relationship between 
                         matter and mimetic curvature and, within certain limits, describe 
                         results for the primeval universe dynamics obtained by other 
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