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                         all spinors that can be decomposed in terms of Restricted 
                         InomataMcKinley (RIM) spinors reside, and describe some of its 
                         properties. Some interesting results concerning the construction 
                         of RIMdecomposable spinors emerge when we look at them by means of 
                         their spinor-plane representations. We show that, in particular, 
                         this space accommodates a bijective linear map between 
                         mass-dimension-one and Dirac spinor fields. As a highlight result, 
                         the spinor-plane enables us to construct homotopic equivalence 
                         relations, revealing a new point of view that can help us to give 
                         one more step toward the understanding of the spinor theory. In 
                         the end, we develop a simple method that provides the 
                         categorization of RIM-decomposable spinors in the Lounesto 
                         classification, working by means of spinor-plane coordinates, 
                         which avoids the often hard work of analyzing the bilinear 
                         covariant structures one by one.",
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