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                         mechanistic stochas-tic model on metapopulations. Different 
                         network sizes, mobility rates and immunityduration for a 
                         susceptibleinfectedrecoveredsusceptible (SIRS) like process are 
                         sys-tematically explored. A transitory behavior was identified in 
                         the pathogen persistencewhere the mobility rate plays an 
                         unexpected role in the epidemic spread: a peak inthe persistence 
                         relative to the mobility rate grow observed is closely related to 
                         thesusceptible individuals density. This effect predicts a 
                         threshold invasion process whichindicates critical values where 
                         the epidemic spreading dies out or persists. We showedthat the 
                         decrease in the hosts abundance reduces the epidemics lifetime. 
                         These resultspoint out new information about epidemic spreading 
                         and may give insights to improvedecision making policies 
                         concerning travel restrictions strategies.",
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