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                         bimolecular endothermic reactions is discussed with particular 
                         attention to the Boudouard reaction involving vibrationally 
                         excited CO molecules leading to CO2 and C products. A quantum 
                         approach is presented for calculating forward and backward 
                         activation energies for the reactants in the ground vibrational 
                         levels. The resulting activation energies for the Boudouard 
                         reactions as well as for dissociation reactions are then corrected 
                         for estimating the role of vibrational excitation in affecting the 
                         rates. We have applied the described rates to two case studies. 
                         The first one refers to the non-equilibrium plasma kinetics 
                         occurring in cold CO plasma, emphasizing the role of vibrational 
                         excitation in enhancing the reactive channels. As a second 
                         example, we consider a CO2 system suddenly heated to 20 000 K 
                         which relaxes, finally ending with C and O atoms through 
                         dissociation reactions controlled by vibrational excitation. In 
                         both cases, we discuss the non-equilibrium forms of electron 
                         energy distribution functions and vibrational distribution 
                         functions, a subject which should be considered in future advanced 
                         models for meteoroid entry physics.",
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