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             abstract = "Diamond-like carbon (DLC) films have been extensively applied as a 
                         surface coating due their attractive mechanical, chemical and 
                         tribological properties. The properties of the a-C:H films can be 
                         significantly enhanced by the presence of diamond nanoparticles in 
                         their structure with some apparent advantages by combining 
                         hardness, low roughness, coefficient of friction, 
                         biocompatibility, etc., of both materials. However, 
                         functionalization of diamond nanoparticles and their severe big 
                         clusters formations represent some challenges to be overcome. 
                         Therefore, the innovative aspect of this work is the growth of DLC 
                         films with incorporated CVD nanodiamonds (NDs), obtained by high 
                         energy ball milling technique with controlled sizes and 
                         functionalization avoiding a lot of clusters formation. In this 
                         work, CVD NDs, obtained at the first time, were chemically 
                         processed due to the high levels of contamination by using fluoric 
                         and nitric acid chemical attack. The DLC films were deposited on a 
                         metallic substrate by using a modified Pulsed DC Plasma-Enhanced 
                         Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) technique, and the incorporation 
                         of the NDs into the DLC films structure was carried using a 
                         colloidal solution of NDs and DLC films precursor. The influence 
                         of the CVD NDs size on physical and chemical properties of the 
                         hybrid film, such as hardness, coefficient of friction, 
                         morphology, and chemical inertia were investigated. Nanoparticles 
                         size and the level of purity was analyzed by dynamic light 
                         scattering and X-Ray diffractometry (XRD) technique, respectively. 
                         The hybrid DLC films were characterized by scanning electronic 
                         microscopy-field emission gun, XRD and Raman scattering 
                         spectroscopy. Also, the qualitative adhesion of the film was 
                         analyzed by RHC 1500 N indentations in accordance with the VDI3198 
                         standard. An apparent application with preliminary results is also 
                         a part of this work.",
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