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                         over Santos is presented using the rain gauge network for the 
                         period 19802015. Located in the humid tropics, the area presents 
                         high annual total rainfall, particularly concentrated in spring 
                         and summer. However, the rainiest monthJanuarywas also the one 
                         with the most homogeneous distribution. More than 40% of the days 
                         presented precipitation, which ranged from 0.1 to 332.9 mm. The 
                         precipitation variability was quite high, a fact observed in all 
                         scales evaluated, which reveals that the mechanisms that generate 
                         precipitation in the area are distinct throughout the year. The 
                         high precipitation variability is particularly important in the 
                         case of daily distribution: for instance, 25% of the rainy days 
                         responded for 71% of the total rainfall. Such concentration is a 
                         key element in the outbreak of numerous hazards, such as floods 
                         and landslides, that cause extensive property damage and loss of 
                         life, being the worst situations registered when extreme 
                         precipitation episodes coincide with storm surges.",
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