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             abstract = "We present a summary report of the CLIVAR Early Career Scientists 
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                         Science Conference held in Qingdao, China during September 2016. 
                         The Symposium aimed to capture the ideas of early career 
                         researchers on pressing science priorities, imminent challenges, 
                         and emerging opportunities to help guide the future evolution of 
                         CLIVAR. We identified the need for improving process-based 
                         understanding and predictability of regional climate variability 
                         and change, moving toward seamless predictions, and improving and 
                         expanding global observations. We emphasize the need for 
                         increasingly open science, including universal access to data, 
                         code, and publications as well as opportunities for international 
                         cooperation and exchange. As the next generation of climate 
                         scientists, we are dedicated to overcome the challenges outlined 
                         in this summary and are looking forward to advancing CLIVAR's 
                         mission and activities.",
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