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             abstract = "Amorphous hydrogenated diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings were 
                         deposited using plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition (PACVD) 
                         on precipitation hardening (PH) stainless steel.Plasma nitriding 
                         has been used as pre-treatment to enhance adhesion and mechanical 
                         properties. Chemical and mechanical properties of DLC coatings are 
                         dependent on the hydrogen content and so on the relation between 
                         sp(3)/sp(2) bondings. The bondings and the structure of the DLC 
                         film change with temperature. In this work, a study of the thermal 
                         degradation and the evolution of the mechanical properties of DLC 
                         coatings over PH stainless steel have been carried out, including 
                         the effect of an additional nitrided layer. Nitrided and 
                         non-nitrided steel samples were subjected to the same coated in 
                         the same conditions, and they were submitted to the same thermal 
                         cycles, heating from room temperature to 600 degrees C in several 
                         steps. After each cycle, Raman spectra and surface topography 
                         measurements were performed and analyzed. Nanohardness 
                         measurements and tribological tests, using a pin-on-disc machine, 
                         were carried out to analyze variations in the friction coefficient 
                         and the wear resistance. The duplex sample, with nitriding as 
                         pre-treatment showed a better thermal stability. For duplex 
                         sample, the coating properties, such as adhesion, and friction 
                         coefficient were sustained after annealing at higher temperatures; 
                         whereas it was not the case for only coated sample.",
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