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                         disturbances in ionospheric plasma density. They are often 
                         observed during both quiet (Medium scale TID) and geomagnetic 
                         disturbed (Large Scale TID) conditions. Their amplitudes can be up 
                         to I 0% of the background plasma density and their presence 
                         provides a challenge to existing radio wave propagation theories. 
                         In this study, we investigate how TIDs generation mechanism and 
                         propagation vary with different plasma background densities during 
                         various geophysical conditions. The transequatorial coupling 
                         ofTIDs north and south hemispheres are also investigated with 
                         respect to attenuation and propagation characteristics. We show 
                         that TID properties during transequatoriaxl events may be 
                         substantially affected by background neutral wind perturbation 
                         (owning to disturbance dynamo affects), vertical and horizontal 
                         velocity which are seasonal dependent. Our study observations 
                         occurred during both quiet and geomagnetic disturbed periods using 
                         multiple ground and space borne instruments, suc.h as: 
                         Magnetometers, GNSS receivers as well as the DMSP and SWARM 
                         satellite missions in low Earth orbit.",
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