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             abstract = "The lumped nonlinear transmission lines have been studied for the 
                         radiofrequency signals generation in the range of the order of 
                         tens of MHz up to a few hundreds of MHz depending on the nonlinear 
                         element used to build the LC line. The oscillations obtained at 
                         the output of these lines are applied in defense mobile platforms 
                         and communications systems. Low power nonlinear transmission lines 
                         use varactor diodes as nonlinear elements, which show a good 
                         nonlinear effect with capacitance variation of the order of 90% at 
                         their P-N junction with the applied voltage, which is an excellent 
                         performance to obtain oscillations at the line output. However, 
                         these semiconductor devices operate at low voltage, producing 
                         small voltage modulation depth, low power, and consequently 
                         reduced signal range. Looking for increasing the voltage 
                         modulation depth of the signal generated with nonlinear 
                         transmission lines, this work developed a radiofrequency amplifier 
                         using a Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor MOSFET 
                         model RD06HVF1. A 30-section line using varactor diodes MV209 as 
                         nonlinear elements can work as an RF source to obtain oscillations 
                         with 40 MHz of frequency at the line output. By means of SPICE 
                         simulations, it has been demonstrated that an amplifier circuit 
                         connected to the output of this varactor diode transmission line 
                         can produce an increase of the voltage modulation depth produced 
                         at line output from 10.7 V to 41,08 V approximately, thus allowing 
                         higher level power to electromagnetic wave propagation and 
                         consequently higher signal range. Experimental comparison using a 
                         PCB prototype with the corresponding simulation will be also 
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