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                         phase-space to test cloud sensitivity to variations in the aerosol 
                         population characteristics, such as the aerosol size distribution, 
                         number concentration and hygroscopicity. It is based on the 
                         information from the top of a cloud simulated by a 
                         bin-microphysics single-column model, for initial conditions 
                         typical of the Amazon, using different assumptions regarding the 
                         entrainment and the aerosol size distribution. It is shown that 
                         the cloud-top evolution can be very sensitive to aerosol 
                         properties, but the relative importance of each parameter is 
                         variable. The sensitivity to each aerosol characteristic varies as 
                         a function of the parameter tested and is conditioned by the base 
                         values of the other parameters, showing a specific dependence for 
                         each configuration of the model. When both the entrainment and the 
                         bin treatment of the aerosol are allowed, the largest influence on 
                         the droplet size distribution sensitivity was obtained for the 
                         median radius of the aerosols and not for the total number 
                         concentration of aerosols. Our results reinforce that the cloud 
                         condensation nuclei activity can not be predicted solely on the 
                         basis of the w/Na supersaturation-based regimes.",
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