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                         Machine Learning (ML) classification models. The reference method 
                         for this is to extract polygons from images through segmentation 
                         and identify changes in polygons extracted from images taken from 
                         the same area but in different times through manual labeling. 
                         However, not all differences correspond to burned areas: there are 
                         also deforestation, change in crops, and clouds. Our objective is 
                         to identify the changed areas caused by fire. We propose an 
                         approach that employs polygons attributes for classification and 
                         evaluation in order to identify changes caused by fire. This paper 
                         presents the more relevant classifier models to the problem, 
                         highlighting Random Forest and an Ensemble model, that achieved 
                         better results. The developed approach is validated over a study 
                         area in the Brazilian Woody Savannah against reference data 
                         derived from classifications manually done by experts. The results 
                         indicate enhancement of the methods used so far, and will 
                         eventually be applied to more data from different areas and 
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