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             abstract = "High temperature nitrogen plasma immersion ion implantation 
                         (HT-NPIII) method was used to treat the internal walls of small 
                         diameter metal tubes made of SS304 and of Ti6-Al4-V (TAV). Using a 
                         lid in one side of the tubes was essential to reach high 
                         temperatures of 700900 C, necessary for high thermal diffusion of 
                         nitrogen in Ti alloy samples placed inside the metal tubes for 
                         monitoring the HT-NPIII process. The used metal tubes also reached 
                         such high temperatures. New phases of TiN and Ti2N were 
                         successfully attained in the TAV samples with the treated layer 
                         thickness of more than 1.3 \μm for all the tested cases. For 
                         tubes made of SS304, HT-NPIII treatments resulted in redeposition 
                         of FeN thick layers with high hardness on the surfaces of the 
                         internal walls of the tubes and on the monitoring samples. 
                         Obtaining such HT-NPIII conditions in these small metallic tubes 
                         was possible by achieving high plasma density through hollow 
                         cathode discharges inside those tubes. These results were compared 
                         to the ones obtained on the nitrogen implantation treatments of 
                         TAV samples in moderate to high temperatures carried out 
                         previously in the laboratory which indicated the superior 
                         performance of the presently reported method of surface 
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