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             abstract = "Aluminum alloys are mainly used in aircraft's structural 
                         components, which present the fatigue process as a predominant 
                         failure mode. The fact that there are many airports in coastal 
                         regions makes the study of aluminum alloy corrosive processes 
                         relevant as localized corrosion causes adverse effects on 
                         mechanical properties of the material. Plasma nitriding is an 
                         alternative method of raising surface hardness, fatigue 
                         resistance, wear and corrosion of alloys, there is a trend to 
                         expand the applicability of the plasma nitriding process through 
                         utilization of new materials and nitriding of aluminum and its 
                         alloys would be of greatest interest. In order to improve the 
                         corrosion behavior of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, this work evaluated 
                         and compared the effect of RRA thermal treatment and plasma 
                         nitriding on the corrosion behavior of AA7075-T6 alloy. The tests 
                         were performed in 3.5%wt NaCl solution at room temperature 
                         (~25\ C) and pH\ ~\ 6. The linear 
                         potentiodynamic polarization study showed that RRA thermal 
                         treatment and plasma nitriding were effective in improving 
                         corrosion behavior in saline solution. The protective efficiency 
                         of plasma nitriding was 64.2% and RRA treatment was 18.4%. The 
                         corrosive process at the T6 condition was deeper and generalized, 
                         with a high concentration of corrosion pits. For the RRA 
                         condition, the process was less generalized and not so deep, while 
                         in the plasma nitrided condition it was more localized and 
                         superficial, preserving much of the exposed surface in the 
                         corrosion tests. These results can be considered very promising by 
                         indicating an increase in the useful life of this material. This 
                         directly implies a consequent reduction in the preventive 
                         maintenance costs of the industries that use this alloy, as 
                         replacing damaged parts that have been treated by the plasma 
                         assisted technique used in this study may be performed at longer 
                         time intervals than the alloy parts without any kind of 
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