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             abstract = "Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are magnetic flux ropes originating 
                         in the Sun which are erupted and have the potential to impact the 
                         Earth and other planets in the solar system. CMEs are known to be 
                         one of the main drivers of Space Weather because they are 
                         important sources of out-of-the-ecliptic interplanetary magnetic 
                         fields. In the case of the Earths magnetosphere these magnetic 
                         fields are the drivers of magnetic reconnection which lead to 
                         geomagnetic storms. CME speed estimates near de Sun are made using 
                         coronagraph remote sensing images. Several studies have addressed 
                         the challenge involved in understanding the dynamics of these 
                         eruptive events throughout their evolution in the interplanetary 
                         space. The first challenge is to correctly measure dynamic 
                         properties of these CME events. Manual measurements are confronted 
                         with pseudo-automatic and even fully automatic measurement 
                         approaches. It is worth noticing that very few studies have 
                         addressed uncertainty estimates for CME speed measurements. In 
                         this work, we present a new approach to estimate CME speed 
                         uncertainties and we investigate the impact of these uncertainties 
                         in the CME travel time to 1 AU of these events.",
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