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             abstract = "In the present work, we aim to analysis the result of South 
                         America Disturbance Ionospheric Index Map (DIXSAMAP) during the 
                         intense magnetic storm of March 2015. The DIXSAMAP was built to 
                         analyze the ionospheric response to magnetic disturbance through 
                         of the TECMAP data available in Embrace-INPE program. This index 
                         covers the latitudinal range from 10 N up to 60 S and the 
                         longitudinal range from 90W up to 30 W, with 5 of resolution in 
                         both coordinates. We have chosen the intense magnetic storm 
                         occurred on March 2015 (-223 nT), our results is indicating that 
                         the ionospheric disturbance spreads from equatorial to low 
                         latitudes regions. It interestingly to highlight that the main 
                         disturbances are occurring during the recovery phase, mainly in 
                         the neighborhood of the Equatorial Ionization Anomaly. Further 
                         investigations must be done in order to identify the physical 
                         mechanism of such disturbances.",
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