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             abstract = "Computational magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) for space physics has 
                         become an essential area in understanding the multiscale dynamics 
                         of geophysical and astrophysical plasma processes, partially 
                         motivated by the lack of space data. Full MHD simulations are 
                         typically very demanding and may require substantial computational 
                         efforts. In particular, computational space-weather forecasting is 
                         an essential long-term goal in this area, motivated for instance 
                         by the needs of modern satellite communication technology. We 
                         present a new feature of a recently developed compressible two- 
                         and three-dimensional MHD solver, which has been successfully 
                         implemented into the parallel AMROC (Adaptive Mesh Refinement in 
                         Objectoriented C++) framework with improvements concerning the 
                         mesh adaptation criteria based on wavelet techniques. The 
                         developments are related to computational efficiency while 
                         controlling the precision using dynamically adapted meshes in 
                         space-time in a fully parallel context.",
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