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                         neutrinos and impose new expected sensitivities on such asymmetry 
                         through the degeneracy parameter (xi(nu)) by using some future CMB 
                         experiment configurations, such as CORE and CMB-S4. Taking the 
                         default scenario with three neutrino states, we find xi(mu) = 0.05 
                         +/- 0.10 (+/- 0.04), from CORE (CMB-S4) at 95 per cent CL, 
                         respectively. Also, within this scenario, we evaluate the neutrino 
                         mass scale, obtaining that the normal hierarchy mass scheme is 
                         privileged. Our results are an update concerning on the 
                         cosmological lepton asymmetry and the neutrino mass scale within 
                         this context, from which can bring a perspective on the null 
                         hypothesis for xi(nu) (and its effects on Delta N-eff), where 
                         perhaps, xi(nu) may take a non-null value up to 95 per cent CL 
                         from future experiments such as CMB-S4. Sensitivity results for 
                         CMB-S4 obtained here not including all expected systematic 
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