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             abstract = "In this theoretical communication we look towards understand the 
                         underlying phenomenology concerning the Elko spinors within VSR 
                         theory. The program to be accomplished here start when we define 
                         the eigenspinors of the charge conjugation operator as eigenstates 
                         of the helicity operator in the Cartesian coordinates system. This 
                         prescription is very useful in the sense of phenomenological point 
                         of view, so, we propose a set of Elko spinors ready to be 
                         computationally implemented. Regardless of, in order to show the 
                         application of given approach we impose to these spinors to be 
                         restrict to an axis, coincidentally the axis of locality 
                         (Ahluwalia-Khalilova and Grumiller in JCAP, 07:12 2005; 
                         Ahluwalia-Khalilova and Cheng-Yang Lee in Phys Rev D 83:065017, 
                         2011) , and then, using the proposed prescription, we search for 
                         physical amounts and physical processes by analysing the Yukawa 
                         and the self-interaction in such framework.",
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