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             abstract = "The well-known tensions on the cosmological parameters H0 and 
                         sigma 8 within the Lambda CDM cosmology shown by the Planck-CMB 
                         and LSS data are possibly due to the systematics in the data or 
                         our ignorance of some new physics beyond the Lambda CDM model. In 
                         this letter, we focus on the second possibility, and investigate a 
                         minimal extension of the Lambda CDM model by allowing a coupling 
                         between its dark sector components (dark energy and dark matter). 
                         We analyze this scenario with Planck-CMB, KiDS and HST data, and 
                         find that the H0 and sigma 8 tensions disappear. In the joint 
                         analyses with Planck, HST and KiDS data, we find non-zero coupling 
                         in the dark sector up to 99% CL. Thus, we find a strong 
                         statistical support from the observational data for an interaction 
                         in the dark sector of the Universe while solving the H0 and sigma 
                         8 tensions simultaneously.",
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