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             abstract = "The metaheuristics have become a powerful tool to solve real-world 
                         optimization problems. Its ease adaptability, usually demands 
                         effort to correctly define its components (e.g.: problem 
                         representation, neighborhood structure, etc.) and parameters to 
                         achieve their best performance. Thus, this paper aims to present 
                         an approach on the fine-tuning of metaheuristics combining Design 
                         of Experiments and Racing algorithms. The key idea is a heuristic 
                         method, which explores a search space of parameters looking for 
                         candidate configurations near of a promising alternative and 
                         consistently finds the good ones. To confirm this approach, we 
                         present a case study for fine-tuning a VNS metaheuristic on the 
                         classical Traveling Salesman Problem, and compare its results 
                         against a well established racing method. In general, our approach 
                         proved to be effective in terms of the overall time of the tuning 
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