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             abstract = "We analyse a set of optical-to-near-infrared long-slit nuclear 
                         spectra of 16 infrared-luminous spiral galaxies. All of the 
                         studied sources present H-2 emission, which reflects the 
                         star-forming nature of our sample, and they clearly display HI 
                         emission lines in the optical. Their continua contain many strong 
                         stellar absorption lines, with the most common features due to Ca 
                         I, Ca II, Fe I, NaI, MgI, in addition to prominent absorption 
                         bands of TiO, VO, ZrO, CN, and CO. We report a homogeneous set of 
                         equivalent width (EW) measurements for 45 indices, from optical to 
                         NIR species for the 16 star-forming galaxies as well as for 19 
                         early-type galaxies where we collected the data from the 
                         literature. This selected set of emission and absorption-feature 
                         measurements can be used to test predictions of the forthcoming 
                         generations of stellar population models. We find correlations 
                         among the different absorption features and propose here 
                         correlations between optical and NIR indices, as well as among 
                         different NIR indices, and compare them with model predictions. 
                         Although for the optical absorption features the models 
                         consistently agree with the observations, the NIR indices are much 
                         harder to interpret. For early-type spirals the measurements agree 
                         roughly with the models, while for star-forming objects they fail 
                         to predict the strengths of these indices.",
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