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             abstract = "Solar cycle dependence of the dominant tides, i.e. diurnal and 
                         semidiurnal components in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere 
                         (MLT) is investigated from a Southern hemispheric low-latitude 
                         station, Cachoeira Paulista (22.7oS, 45oW) using long-term meteor 
                         wind observations (19992018). Although the long-term variations of 
                         the tides in aggregate do not show any significant relationship 
                         with the solar activity, the individual seasonal profiles reveal 
                         appreciable correlation in equinoxes with maximum in fall and no 
                         evident correlation in summer. The diurnal tide seasonal profiles 
                         show negative correlation with the solar activity and the 
                         semidiurnal tide exhibits both negative and positive correlations 
                         that vary with altitude within the MLT. The zonal diurnal tide 
                         shows positive correlation with the solar flux in the upper MLT in 
                         solar minima. However, the meridional semidiurnal tide reveals 
                         negative correlation in solar minima condition. No evident 
                         relationship between the tides and solar flux is found in solar 
                         maxima condition. Since the present study points out resemblance 
                         as well as dissimilarity with a handful of previous 
                         investigations, further long-term and coordinated studies are 
                         being sought to obtain critical understanding of the persistent 
                         enigmatic features.",
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