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             abstract = "Numerical studies concerning equatorial plasma bubble (EPB) 
                         seeding source mechanisms have been performed for the last 
                         decades. Density perturbations, gravity waves, shear instabilities 
                         among others were used in the literature. In all the cases the 
                         prereversal vertical drift has a central role, being a necessary 
                         condition in addition to all these seeding mechanisms. 
                         Notwithstanding, since the prereversal vertical drift presents an 
                         asymmetric distribution, this longitudinal variation was 
                         hypothesized to act as a seeding source mechanism. This mechanism 
                         is capable of providing both contributions: elevate the ionosphere 
                         and seed the collisional interchange instability. Two-dimensional 
                         investigation was already done, showing the validity of this 
                         hypothesis in a bidimensional scenario. Nonetheless, the inclusion 
                         of the parallel dynamics could alter the outcome of such analysis, 
                         once the component of the conductivity along the geomagnetic field 
                         direction causes a load effect reducing the growth rate and 
                         shifting its altitude of maximization, thus a 3-D model was 
                         developed, named MATPLAB_3D (Mathematical Plasma Bubble Model 3D), 
                         and the hypothesis was tested. A progressive approach was 
                         performed starting with an oversimplified configuration and 
                         concluding with a more realistic profile of prereversal vertical 
                         drift obtained using the SAMI2 model. The numerical simulations 
                         revealed the existence of a quasi-gaussian seeding source. Also, 
                         in case of a prereversal vertical drift varying within 20-60 m/s, 
                         the seeded instability evolves into an EPB structure with a 
                         longitudinal extension of similar to 2 degrees within similar to 
                         22 min. This EPB maps to low latitude regions and presents 
                         secondary structures in its west side. This result further 
                         suggests that even though a decrease in the EPB growth due to the 
                         inclusion of the parallel conductivity occurred, the hypothesis 
                         remains valid.",
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