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             abstract = "In the last decades there has been an increasing interest in 
                         low-cost, low environmental impact liquid propulsion systems, 
                         while safety and a short development cycle continue to be 
                         essential requirements. This work presents the development of an 
                         ethanol and monoethanolamine based rocket fuel, hypergolic with 
                         hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), featuring low toxicity and high 
                         density-specific-impulse. Initially, a set of tests was carried 
                         out to evaluate this parameter in a range of compositions prepared 
                         with several catalysts dissolved in monoethanolamine. Among the 
                         catalytic materials tested, copper nitrate revealed the shortest 
                         ignition delay. Subsequently, a Design of Experiments approach was 
                         applied to select the ethanol and catalyst content in the fuel 
                         capable of decreasing the ignition delay of the reaction. The 
                         results showed that an optimized fuel composition with 61% 
                         monoethanolamine, 30% ethanol, and 9% hydrated copper nitrate 
                         weight percent, yielded a minimum ignition delay of 15.7 ms.",
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