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             abstract = "The quiet Sun exhibits a wealth of magnetic activities that are 
                         fundamental for our understanding of solar magnetism. The magnetic 
                         fields in the quiet Sun are observed to evolve coherently, 
                         interacting with each other to form prominent structures as they 
                         are advected by photospheric flows. The aim of this paper is to 
                         study supergranular turbulence by detecting Lagrangian coherent 
                         structures (LCS) based on the horizontal velocity fields derived 
                         from Hinode intensity images at disc centre of the quiet Sun on 
                         2010 November 2. LCS act as transport barriers and are responsible 
                         for attracting/repelling the fluid elements and swirling motions 
                         in a finite time. Repelling/attracting LCS are found by computing 
                         the forward/backward finite-time Lyapunov exponent (FTLE), and 
                         vortices are found by the Lagrangian-averaged vorticity deviation 
                         method. We show that the Lagrangian centres and boundaries of 
                         supergranular cells are given by the local maximum of the forward 
                         and backward FTLE, respectively. The attracting LCS expose the 
                         location of the sinks of photospheric flows at supergranular 
                         junctions, whereas the repelling LCS interconnect the Lagrangian 
                         centres of neighbouring supergranular cells. Lagrangian transport 
                         barriers are found within a supergranular cell and from one cell 
                         to other cells, which play a key role in the dynamics of 
                         internetwork and network magnetic elements. Such barriers favour 
                         the formation of vortices in supergranular junctions. In 
                         particular, we show that the magnetic field distribution in the 
                         quiet Sun is determined by the combined action of 
                         attracting/repelling LCS and vortices. Palavras-chave.",
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