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             abstract = "One of the most challenging task of testing activity is the 
                         generation of test cases/data. While there is significant amount 
                         of studies in this regard, there is still need to move towards 
                         approaches that can generate test case/data based only on source 
                         code since many software systems mostly have the source code 
                         available and no adequate documentation. In this paper a new 
                         methodology, called Singularity, is introduced to generate unit 
                         test data for C++ applications based on Model Checking, a popular 
                         technique for test case generation. Our approach, which is to be 
                         supported by a tool, automatically translates C++ code into a 
                         model which resembles a Statechart model and then into the 
                         notation of the NuSMV Model Checker. Later, we rely on a technique 
                         based on the HiMoST Method, producing counterexamples from the 
                         Model Checker that are, in fact, the test cases/data themselves. 
                         We have applied our approach to a few C++ case studies analyzing 
                         how feasible it is for automatic test data generation.",
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