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             abstract = "This work aims to demonstrate how the Systems Concurrent 
                         Engineering (SCE) process and its multidisciplinary collaborative 
                         techniques can be used in the development of a satellite mission 
                         to map and monitor coral reefs in the Brazilian coast. For that, a 
                         simultaneous product development approach will be used with the 
                         aim to derive, develop and validate a balanced solution during the 
                         product life cycle that satisfies the stakeholders expectations. 
                         This approach was chosen due to the development target product 
                         having a complex nature, needing clarity in the definition of 
                         users necessities, required functionalities, systematic 
                         documentation of the requirements and validation considering the 
                         whole problem. The application of systems engineering in this work 
                         comes from stakeholder analysis, requirements analysis, functional 
                         analysis, system architecture, detailed design and other aspects 
                         related to the used approach. The simultaneous engineering 
                         approach of systems has proved to be very effective during the 
                         development of complex systems. Its application in the life cycle 
                         of CoralSat project allows a glimplse of problems of the solutions 
                         during the life cycle (development). The processes of SCE made 
                         possible the modeling of CoralSat system since its initial stage 
                         with the mission analysis of the product and organization, until 
                         its finalization, always seeking to attend the stakeholders needs, 
                         being this system ready for the point of view of the operation of 
                         the requirements.",
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