author = "Macau, Elbert Einstein Nehrer",
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                         perturbations: a four-body dynamics exploration",
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         organization = "International Astronautical Congress, 70.; IAF Astrodynamics 
             abstract = "In specific applications, such as communication missions, require 
                         orbits with large journey time between the apogee and perigee, 
                         thus remaining for long periods at a specific point in space. 
                         Normally in these cases, the final inclination, eccentricity and 
                         semimajor axis values aimed demand too much fuel consumption when 
                         conducted by the conventional transfers methods. In this work, an 
                         alternative strategy transfer is proposed. It consists of 
                         exploring and take advantage of the natural dynamics associated to 
                         the unstable orbits and sensitive dependence present in the four 
                         body problem. In this perspective, a low cost transfer starting 
                         from a low to a high and inclinated Earth orbit is built through a 
                         combination of a lunar gravity assisted maneuver and the 
                         application of judicious and small impulses to specific points of 
                         the trajectory. The method was validated in case studies carried 
                         out for a scenario composed of Sun, Earth, Moon and vehicle. The 
                         results obtained show that it is possible to obtain the desired 
                         stable orbits with a low total impulse magnitude, even in cases 
                         where conventional transfer methods are not feasible.",
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