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             abstract = "Radiation effects for different types of aerosol on the territory 
                         of Eurasia are estimated using modern aerosol climatologies Tegen 
                         and MACv2. Differences in the optical properties of aerosol in the 
                         mentioned climatologies in different natural zones as compared to 
                         the AERONET ground-based observation network are revealed. It is 
                         shown that aerosol climatologies reproduce annual variations with 
                         good accuracy for continental and mineral aerosol. Differences in 
                         the MACv2 are smaller on average than in the Tegen. The 
                         CLIRAD(FC05)-SW radiation algorithm was applied to calculate the 
                         values of total shortwave radiation using different aerosol 
                         climatologies. The errors of calculations are estimated for the 
                         selected observation stations. The deviation of the calculation 
                         results from measurement data does not exceed 25 W/m 2 . The 
                         COSMO-Ru mesoscale model is used to analyze the sensitivity of 
                         surface air temperature prediction to radiation aerosol effects 
                         which varies in the range of 0.71.1C per 100 W/m 2 for different 
                         aerosol types.",
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