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             abstract = "Artificial dielectrics composed of periodically conducting 
                         straight wires were proposed in the 1950s as a low cost and light 
                         beam shaping element in microwave lens antenna application as an 
                         option for replacing bulky and heavy dielectrics. Renewed interest 
                         in wire media was sparkled with the advent of metamaterials in the 
                         2000s, leading to a range of new applications such as 
                         subwavelength imaging, directive emission, and broadband 
                         absorbers. Concerned with waveguide applications, the present 
                         paper examines analytically and numerically mode propagation in 
                         waveguide filled with a double array of nonconnected wires 
                         perpendicular to the waveguide walls. The presence of the loading 
                         wire medium gives rise to new eigenmodes in the transmission 
                         spectrum where a low-frequency passband emerges below the cutoff 
                         frequency of the dominant mode, and also allows for the occurrence 
                         of backward-wave modes nonexistent in the otherwise unloaded 
                         waveguide. This kind of guiding structure can find application in 
                         delay lines, phase shifters, and the miniaturization of waveguide 
                         devices supporting backward waves.",
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