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             abstract = "For many spacecraft to accomplish their mission goals there is a 
                         need to have an accurate control of their spatial orientation 
                         (attitude), so that instruments aboard the spacecraft, such as 
                         remote sensing cameras, telescopes, and other scientific payload 
                         be correctly pointed to their targets. For that purpose, many 
                         spacecraft employ sophisticated attitude control systems, fed by a 
                         variety of attitude sensors: sun sensors, horizon sensors, 
                         gyroscopes, star trackers, etc. Among the attitude sensors capable 
                         of providing an absolute attitude measurement, star trackers are 
                         considered the most accurate. This work presents an overview of 
                         the test and calibration infrastructure built for an autonomous 
                         star tracker (AST) being developed by the Electro-Optics group of 
                         INPE, result of an effort to increase the competence of the 
                         country in attitude control systems.",
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